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General Information

How to Apply > General Information

For more information, please refer to the Rules and Procedures of the Seoul Accord Documents

  • Applications must be received by the Secretariat no later than 120 days before the commencement of a meeting of the Accord at which the application is to be considered.
  • Applications must be accompanied by written statements of nomination from two Signatories, each nomination containing a declaration that the Mentor considers that the applicant’s accreditation/recognition system meets the requirements for Provisional status.
  • The Secretariat must distribute the application to all Signatories no later than 90 days before the commencement of the Accord meeting at which the application will be considered.
  • Any Signatory may provide written questions to the Secretariat no later than 60 days before the Accord meeting, in which case the applicant has until 30 days prior to the meeting to provide written answers to the Secretariat for distribution of both the questions and answers to all Signatories so that they can be considered before the Accord meeting.
  • An applicant’s representative must appear in person at the Accord meeting to formally present the application and answer questions.
  • Provisional status is normally granted for a period of four years, but may be extended for one or more periods of two further years if in the view of Signatories, as attested by a two-thirds majority vote at a meeting, sufficient progress towards becoming a Signatory is being made.