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Seoul Accord General Meeting 2023, Taichung
Writer Date 2023/08/01

The 2023 Seoul Accord General Meeting (SAGM) was held on June 17th and 18th in Taichung, Taiwan. This meeting marks the first physical accord meeting since 2019. Many important topics including evaluation of Accord Graduate Attributes, procedures on virtual review, technical degrees recognition and more were discussed and working groups formed at the SAGM2023.
The Accord signatories also have elected Ir. Prof. Pak-Leung Yuen of HKIE to be the new Seoul Accord Chair and Mr. Gerald Caissy of CIPS for as the Deputy Chair for the term of 2023 to 2025.
For further information or questions about this meeting, please free feel to contact the Secretariat at info@seoulaccord.org.